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POLYMETRON 8362 pH Pure Water Sensor

Ultrapure water pH system Model 8362

Steam generation (power, other industries) : feedwater, boiler water,condensate recovery
• Pure water treatment systems (any industries) : demineralized water,
deionized water

Specially designed for pure water: no retaining areas, minimized junction potential, electrostatic charge and stray current protected;
• Highly accurate : automatic temperature compensation for ultra-pure water applications that meet or exceed ASTM standard;
• Simple universal mounting;
• Minimal maintenance : no filling solution required, sensor visible for preventive maintenance, easily removable if necessary;
• Easy on-line calibration : quick-release sample cup used as calibration

Model 8362  Part number 08362=A=0000
Dimensions in mm
1 - pH sensor with connector
2 - Temperature sensor with connector
3 - Flow through chamber (SS 316L)
4 -Stainless steel nut DIN DN 40
5 - Unscrewable PMMA measurement
chamber (V 30 ml)
6 - Stainless steel fixing clamp
7 - Screw for earth connection
* 1/8” NPT fittings not provided